Easy tips for Bearded Dragon Care

bearded dragon

Bearded Dragon

Bearded dragons are one of the most admirable choices of people who enjoy giving reptiles more than just foods to eat and shelter to live. You can easily take care of bearded dragon all you need is a little knowledge of all the important things that you need to do while you are handling a bearded dragon. This little knowledge will go a long way in maintaining health of your dragon. These lizards can be your best choice if you are looking forward to dedicate yourself in keeping them happy and healthy. These dragons usually have a short life, but if you take care of them properly they can live up to fifteen years. No matter if you already have one or you are looking forward to buy a new one, there are few bearded dragon care tips that you need to follow to make sure they live longer.

1. The most imperative aspect in bearded dragon care is to have the right kind of environment all set for your pet, for this you needs to make sure that the cage is adequate enough. If you are buying a baby bearded dragon then he is definitely going to grow, so make sure the space is immense that allow your pet to grow up accurately.

2. Also, you have to take additional care for their food requirements, especially if you have a baby bearded dragons you need to feed them with a lot of food to support their speedy growth. In initial days feed your breaded dragon at least 2-3 times a day and make sure that you do the watering should be done ones or twice daily.

3. These breaded dragons are muddled creatures, you have to make sure that you clean baby dragon house frequently may be twice a day. Breaded dragon care is incomplete if their environment is not clean because at their young age you have to take care that they don’t catch any disease.

4. Also it is very important to have proper lightening in the cage is another aspect that should be taken care of. In addition to the day-light you also necessitate to supply your bearded dragon with UVB bulb this is essential for the creation of vitamin D in their body.

5. If you want to make sure that you are taking proper care of your bearded dragon care you should give them with fourteen hours of bright light and the balance of the day should be taken care in the darkness. Temperature should be maintained in your beaded dragon cage by using temperature gradient.

6. Because they are cold-blooded they will keep rushing from one corner of the cage to other to keep their body temperature even. The cage should be warm enough for the breaded dragon to bask and lie in. Lack of humidity in the air can cause your dragon to shed.

Except all the above points, keep in mind that breaded dragons are omnivorous that means they eat both vegetables and meat. Therefore, it is very important for you to give them healthy diet to keep them healthy and strong and when you feed them, make sure the size of the food is not bigger than the space between their eyes because chances are if given too big of food it can cause them health issues. It is suggested to use paper towels for breaded dragons because it’s clean, easy to make use of and replace.


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