Fundamentals of taking care of bearded dragon

Bearded Dragon Care

Bearded Dragon Care

Without any doubt, the bearded dragons are termed to be the most interesting pets around the globe. There are many who don’t like lizards but still on other hand many have kept bearded lizards as pets due to its playful and unique features.

Thus, if you have one or planning to adopt one, then you must take in account bearded dragon care. The most imperative part of dragon care is to build right type of environment and welcome your new friend when he makes to your house for the first time. Although, the dragon is small in size still the cage must be larger in size. And, if you buy a baby dragon then slot in mind that he would grow with time. Thus, a spacious and airy cage is required so that it could develop properly.

While deciding on the cage, think for the accessories that would be bang on to make the dragon feel at home. Accessories can also be termed as the substrate that’ll help the dragon to adapt the new habitat. If you have adopted a young lizard, then do not go for sand. For such pets paper towels, newspapers, or indoor and outdoor carpets are the best and ideal. As a dragon grows with time, the risk of digestion decreases especially of the loose substrate and that is when one can incorporate sand as well. In order to avoid the circumstances, in which your pet might meet with an accident unintentionally, one may avoid keeping bark, corncobs, and nut shell.

Decorating the home of the pet is also very important. Bearded Dragon love both shade and light so build a home where both can be found easily. Dragons are termed to be sub-arboreal animal so for perching they like to be off the ground. For this purpose you may buy a silk plant or greenery from the local store and install it in the cage.

To give dragon’s habitat a great addition you may add artificial rocks and branches. There are reptilian boxes available, you can install them also and these are available in various sizes. Keeping water is must and make sure you keep in a shallow dish. Cage can be misted but ensure that you don’t mess up. This is because this leads to either very cold or very hot.

Bearded dragons are cold blooded so the owners must ensure that he has provided a place that has adequate place for basking. To provide them with warm, you can buy the specially designed lamps for the reptiles. Low volt bulb and a mirror reflecting it is also suitable. Proper balanced diet of leafy greens, fresh vegetables, meal worms, and gut worms is must in order to keep the pet healthy. Crickets and pinky mice are also pertinent alternative for foodstuff.

These are magnificent creature thus, bearded dragon care is must. This basically doesn’t mean high maintenance. They require certain things accompanied with love and affection. Like other reptiles they cannot have much, thus, only little has to be spent on them. Therefore, above stated fundamental are enough to take care of a bearded dragon.





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