Information on bearded dragon as a pet

There are a number of reptile enthusiasts that love keeping dragons as their pets because they mainly love its wonderful personality. It is believed that these dragons are pleasant and friendly in nature. Other than this, it is wonderful interacting with them and you’d love handling them. You just have to follow few simple steps and you would successfully domesticate a dragon.

Bearded dragon is such a reptile that is supposed to have approximately eight different known species in the wild. The dragons are supposed to originate from Australia, thus it being their native place and live in mainly the warmer parts of the continent. Dragons have many different names too and in different places are known by diverse names such as Eastern Bearded Lizard, the Lawsony, the Small-scaled dragon, the Western dragon, The Dwarf Bearded Lizard or dragon, Mitchell’s bearded Lizard, Nullabor and the Inland or Central bearded Lizard aka dragon.

The dragons are the most common lizards kept by the pet owners and breeders all over the world especially in Australia. The dragon is also called by ‘oz’ meaning Aussie and beardie. If a look is given to their behavior, you’ll come across that they exhibit some interesting and comical behaviors in the wild and even in the enclosure. The actions that the dragon exhibits are mostly in regard to the territorial or breeding displays. The most common and eye catching behavior of bearded lizard is the inflation of its beards. A dragon’s beard is a pocket of skin that is resilient. When they get disturbed or agitated that is when they fill the pouch with air and expand the pouch to a greater volume resulted in pointed spines that give a look of a huge beard.

This mechanism is basically an illusion to its opponent that the dragon has grown in size and has got spiky. Males are supposed to have larger developed beard then females. They are very skilled in warding off any threat by simply expanding their body, open their mouth and make that hissing sound. Another behavior is used while defending or when its head- bobbing. Such actions are primarily performed by the male dragon in order to show their authority and manhood. When they do this action they stand up high on their toes may be on rock or any branch of the tree and darken the color of their beard and simultaneously move their head up and down.

The most strange and amusing behavior is their arm moving. This is supposed to be the most obedient sign when they are confronted by the dominant lizards. While doing this action they stand on their three feet and waving one in the circular motion. It continues doing this action with its alternate arm. Arm waving action is mostly performed by juveniles, females and male subordinates. This action is very helpful while keeping the aggressive males away from attacking and even keeping them away when they insist the female on courting. If one bearded dragon starts with the action, the whole group starts following the same resulting in a very beautiful sight to watch.


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