Bearded dragon care and feeding steps for beginners

Bearded dragon feeding

Bearded dragon feeding

A little knowledge goes a long way to take bearded dragon care to ensure that your pet remains healthy. Owing a bearded dragon is an excellent option for reptile hobbyists who are likely to give pets more care than just the basics of food and a place to live. Bearded dragons comes an amazing option for first time reptile owners and importantly for families and young kids who are looking for a reptilian member for their family. Beaded dragons are medium sized reptiles with the length of 18-24 inches and if you care for them properly they can easily live up to fifteen years. But to take care of these bearded dragons you need to be well acquainted with all the tips to take care of these little pets.

The very first thing that you need to keep in mind is they are omnivorous creatures, which means they naturally eat plants and insects. However, it has been noticed that they often do better on a vegetarian diet. Their diet mainly consist of calcium coated crickets, super worms, other insects, earthworms, pinky mice, dark leafy greens such as romaine, collard greens, kale, escarole, and red-leaf lettuce, and fruits and other vegetables such as strawberries and beans. When you feed them food you need to make sure that the size of the food is not bigger than the space between their eyes because chances are if you will give big size food to them, it can cause them health issues. Another important aspect that you should keep in mind while doing bearded dragon care id that they need to be kept in the right kind of environment so need to make sure that their large is large enough because they are going to grow with the time so the spaces should be big enough for them. Along with their environment needs you also should take extra care of their food requirements, you need to nosh them with a lot of food to support their rapid growth.

In initial days feed your bearded dragon at least 2-3 times a day and watering should be done ones or twice daily. These dragons are very messy creatures so also need to make sure that you clean their cage regularly or you can do it twice a day because there is totally incomplete if their living area is not cleaned on a regular basis and this will also decrease their chances of catching any disease. Except from the day light that should be there in the cage you need to provide your bearded dragon with UVP bulb that is essential for the production of vitamin D in their body. To make your little dragon love up to at least fifteen years you should give them with fourteen hours of bright light which also need to maintain in the darkness. The temperature also need to maintained in the cage and since these are cold-blooded reptiles you will often see them constantly rushing to one side from another in their cage to keep their body temperature normal. You don’t need to take any special or extra measure, just follow the above guidelines and enjoy with your little bearded dragon.


Easy tips for Bearded Dragon Care

bearded dragon

Bearded Dragon

Bearded dragons are one of the most admirable choices of people who enjoy giving reptiles more than just foods to eat and shelter to live. You can easily take care of bearded dragon all you need is a little knowledge of all the important things that you need to do while you are handling a bearded dragon. This little knowledge will go a long way in maintaining health of your dragon. These lizards can be your best choice if you are looking forward to dedicate yourself in keeping them happy and healthy. These dragons usually have a short life, but if you take care of them properly they can live up to fifteen years. No matter if you already have one or you are looking forward to buy a new one, there are few bearded dragon care tips that you need to follow to make sure they live longer.

1. The most imperative aspect in bearded dragon care is to have the right kind of environment all set for your pet, for this you needs to make sure that the cage is adequate enough. If you are buying a baby bearded dragon then he is definitely going to grow, so make sure the space is immense that allow your pet to grow up accurately.

2. Also, you have to take additional care for their food requirements, especially if you have a baby bearded dragons you need to feed them with a lot of food to support their speedy growth. In initial days feed your breaded dragon at least 2-3 times a day and make sure that you do the watering should be done ones or twice daily.

3. These breaded dragons are muddled creatures, you have to make sure that you clean baby dragon house frequently may be twice a day. Breaded dragon care is incomplete if their environment is not clean because at their young age you have to take care that they don’t catch any disease.

4. Also it is very important to have proper lightening in the cage is another aspect that should be taken care of. In addition to the day-light you also necessitate to supply your bearded dragon with UVB bulb this is essential for the creation of vitamin D in their body.

5. If you want to make sure that you are taking proper care of your bearded dragon care you should give them with fourteen hours of bright light and the balance of the day should be taken care in the darkness. Temperature should be maintained in your beaded dragon cage by using temperature gradient.

6. Because they are cold-blooded they will keep rushing from one corner of the cage to other to keep their body temperature even. The cage should be warm enough for the breaded dragon to bask and lie in. Lack of humidity in the air can cause your dragon to shed.

Except all the above points, keep in mind that breaded dragons are omnivorous that means they eat both vegetables and meat. Therefore, it is very important for you to give them healthy diet to keep them healthy and strong and when you feed them, make sure the size of the food is not bigger than the space between their eyes because chances are if given too big of food it can cause them health issues. It is suggested to use paper towels for breaded dragons because it’s clean, easy to make use of and replace.

How should you take care of bearded dragons?


People who love reptiles, bearded dragons can be good choice for them to keep as pet. These little creatures are always fun to keep and they can prove to be very enjoyable company if you take care of them properly. You need to look after them properly before you choose to bring them in your home. If you wish to buy these little reptiles there are important steps that you need to follow in order to take care of them properly.

1. The most important thing that you need to take care of is shedding of bearded dragon. It is very common thing that happens due to enlargement or growth so there is no need for you to panic or stress out when you see it happening. This whole process is important and it had to happen if your bearded dragon is a baby. If your reptile is a baby then there are many chances that they will shed a lot of times and this will tend to happen more in the first year as that is the time when their maximum growth happens. The frequency of its improvement depends on its growth rate and growth spurts.

2. Another common sign and symptom of the initial shedding process of bearded dragon is the dull skin of the dragon. If you witness the dull skin of your dragon you don’t need to stress yourself. It is an important process of his growth.

3. While the shedding process is on, you need to make sure that you keep on dragon hydrated all the time. In order to do this, you can give them regular baths that will make sure that shedding course will be done as quickly as possible.

4. In the process of skin shedding, there are chances that your little reptile might tend to lose curiosity for eating and also it is possible that they will not eat anything at all. You need to feel panic for this as this is a natural process on which a lot of energy is used by dragon during the shedding process and therefore it causes them indigestion. For the proper growth of your dragon it is important that you get their misting and bathing done on regular basis.

5. A lot of people freak out by seeing stuffed eye of their dragon while the shedding process, but you don’t need to panic as this is a common symptom that happens during shedding. There are chances that this might appear as weird and upsetting to some but you need to control yourself as this is important for their growth. This happens very frequently with beaded dragon as it helps them to enlarge the skin around eyes to loosen it. However, if you notice them doing it for long time there are chances that they might be suffering from blood pressure therefore you need to keep a check on them regularly.

6. The shedding process of bearded dragons is in neat whole pieces. The whole process is neat which is so different than snakes that shed their skin in patches.

7. While the shedding process, it is important for you to stand affirm and resist yourself from helping your dragon while they are losing their skin.

Bearded Dragons

Bearded Dragons

Bearded Dragon


Nurture a Healthy And Happy Baby Bearded Dragon With These Simple to Follow Tips

Bearded Dragon Baby

The latest rage among the pet owners is to have possession of a bearded dragon. There are many who look out for baby bearded dragon. The little pet reptile requires extra attention and care as compared to the adult and juvenile bearded dragons. Many reptile pet owners have been constantly checking out the little bearded dragons because they are cute and fun to play with. However lagging of experiences on the care of these baby reptiles can cause life threatening risk.

For the first few months after the bearded dragons have born, you need to devote more care such as avoid too frequent handling to reduce the stress, small prey size, and more calcium intake. Even when the bearded dragon baby is at age of 8 weeks, they are considered hatching or very young. They are most likely prone to anxiety, and it would affect its growth and health. If you are chasing one for yourself, make sure that it is at least 8 weeks old, and take good care of the pet. There are numerous points to be considered while adopting baby bearded dragon which can help in making him a happy pet like:


They do not require big enclosure size and ambience space. If the cage is too large, they may find it difficult chasing down and hunting for the prey. If the enclosure is too big, they may feel insecure living in it. Smaller enclosure will make them feel more secure. They do not require big enclosure. If the cage is too large, they may find it difficult chasing down and hunting for the prey and may feel insecure living in it. Smaller enclosure will make them feel more secure. Try to avoid place that is busy and high footage traffic, especially when there are children running around and may get a chance to hit the enclosure. The disturbances may always stress them up.


A baby bearded dragon feeding should be done more often as they need more fats and protein from the food for rapid growth. They should be fed atleast 2 to 3 times a day. The main concern in feeding baby bearded dragon is the food size, especially insects such as crickets. The proper food size should be 1/3 of the hatchling’s head and the length should be smaller than the distance between their eyes. Feeding hatchling with small prey is a must as large items can lead to paralysis and even death. Besides small crickets, small bearded dragons need greens, fruits and vegetables at this time as well. One of the feeding principles for baby bearded dragon is to offer them plenty of water. You may mist their head, cage wall, and decorations with water until they start to lap the water droplets.


When it is the first try to hold them, they may resist, but approach them slowly. Try to pick them up from side instead of top. This will reduce the risk of being scared. Reach out the bottom of the body part, and support their body with another hand, let the body feel that it is standing firmly on your hands.